Over the years we have built partnerships in order to aid preventing or reducing crime and support community safety in the local areas.

We support a range of causes by cooperating with various organisations. Our work helps with networking and supporting communities in need, mainly in West Midlands.

We support trust building within communities

Community Connexions team has identified Refugee Alliance as one of the organisations that would represent a diverse range of hard-to-reach communities. Following our vision and objectives, we have organised 4 sessions in the listening series so far, which aim to listen, talk, understand their needs/concerns and develop a system of trust building between the refugees/immigrants and the NHS. The communities attending the session were Syrian refugees, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Afghani, Pushto, and Romanians.

During the listening session we hire a venue, provide food/refreshments and family activities (games for kids), and talk to people on our pre-set open-ended questionnaires where they share their stories/experiences helping us to have holistic, engaging, and effective day with these families. We also invite people from various other organisations like City council, NIHR, academia, Birmingham Mental Health Trust, Ladywood & Perry Barr Locality Partnership, BVSC, to support us on the day and hear directly from the people some of the issues that they could help us mitigate or an ongoing project addressing similar issues.

This gives the community a chance to vent out the challenges/barriers they wanted to talk about, a platform to express themselves and become a voice for their communities.

100% of our income supports our work throughout the year.

You can also help others by volunteering!

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